“Life is once, forever.”

Multimedia. In a concept that is so limitless, I would be kidding myself if I said I wasn’t irrationally intimidated and a bit overwhelmed by what this multimedia journalism course is supposed to teach me. This isn’t history or English or math, but rather, something that is ever evolving. Yet purpose of this field is to use constantly developing technologies to document and deliver a moment as a fragment of history.

So Henri Cartier-Bresson said that “life is once, forever.” Pretty profound, that guy. But when I heard this quote, I thought of this story that I had read the day prior.

At what point does the development of technology interfere with capturing real events and getting them to the public in its truest, most accurate form? Even when messing around with the camera simulator in class, it’s hard to say whether or not you may be altering the image too much or magnifying something out of proportion, let alone using software to compile an image that kind of really never happened as pictured. Would that not constitute as true photography? Or maybe these resources are only making it better and capturing moments that, because of the limitations of our technologies, were yet to be attained using mechanical equipment.

It seems that it’s all about timing. The five different exposures used by the photographer all happened, but not necessarily down to the same millisecond. But as these programs are still in development, I think it’s an interesting new take on presenting images in a new format.

After all, time is a man-made concept. Start making four-day workweeks the norm and maybe we’ll be getting somewhere.


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